About The Author

Grant Luton has taught Technology Education on the junior high and high school levels for thirty years, including one year in England as a Fulbright Scholar, and one year at Kent State University's School of Technology. He served for ten years as Assistant Executive Director for the National Museum of Education, formerly the Partnership for America's Future, Inc. Grant is an accomplished pianist as well as a published author whose book on Biblical Hebrew, "In His Own Words", is presently being sold internationally. He is contributing author for several Technology Education textbooks and has developed curriculum in the areas of Electronics, Robotics, Holography, Photography, and Construction. His elementary education space exploration curriculum was featured at NASA's Lewis Space Research Center summer teacher workshop. Grant has also developed instructional materials for the Duracell and Sears Craftsman educational programs. A home Bible study that started in Grant’s home in 1994 grew to become Beth Tikkun Messianic Fellowship five years later. Grant has been the Congregational Leader of this fellowship since it began in 1999. Grant Has been married to the same lovely bride since 1979 and has three children and one grandchild.




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