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In His Own Words
Messianic Insights Into The Hebrew Alphabet

by L. Grant Luton,
265pp, 5.25" x 8.25, paper,

In His Own Words will take you on a fascinating journey through territory that has, until now, remained unexplored by Christian theologians. The book reveals amazing details about God's Word that have never been translated into our English editions.

You will learn why some letters in the original Hebrew Bible are printed over- or under-size, as well as why other letters are printed upside down, broken in half, or suspended in mid-air. You will discover why nearly every column of a Torah scroll begins with a letter that symbolizes a hook, and why some passages of scripture are printed in such a way as to depict a brick wall. This book will also demonstrate how the message of the gospel is graphically illustrated by the names, shapes, and order of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. You are sure to be inspired and encouraged by the amazing truths that God has hidden in these ancient symbols. Written in layman's terms, In His Own Words will introduce you to a dimension of God's Word that will powerfully impact your life and ministry.

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